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Yun-Ju Chen ( 陳韻如 )
Academic Background
Ph.D., Kansas State University, U.S.A
Analysis of Consumers\\\' Willingness-to-pay, Application and Analysis of Demand Model
886-4-22840402 ext 312、342
Ph.D. Thesis:
Ph.D. Dissertation: Consumer Preferences for Wool Production Attributes, Department of Agricultural Economics, Kansas State University, U.S.A., Dec 2008, pp. 228.
Journal Publications:
  1. Hsu, C. F., Chen, Y. J., & Chang, K. I. (2023). Modeling Import Demand for Fishery Products in Japan: A Dynamic AIDS Approach. Marine Resource Economics38(2), 000-000. (SSCI, Q2)
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  3. Tseng, W. C., Yang, Y. C., Chen, Y. J., & Chen, Y. C. (2021). Estimating the Willingness to Pay for Eco-Labeled Products of Formosan Pangolin (Manis pentadactyla pentadactyla) Conservation. Sustainability13(17), 9779.
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Conference Presentation:
  1. Chen, Y.J., C.H. Lee, and C.W. Chen. “Estimating the preferences for coral reef conservation in Kenting, Taiwan.” 2019 International Workshop on Coral Reef Resilience In The Changing Climate: Coral Reef Interdependence and Governance, Interdisciplinary Research Building, Academia Sinica, Taiwan, Dec. 6th / 7th, 2019.
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