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The main space of our department is divided into two major buildings in campus: “Applied Economics Building I” and “International Agriculture Research Center – 3rd & 4th Floor”.
“Applied Economics Building I” is the teaching building for undergraduate degree students.
“International Agriculture Research Center – 3F and 4F” is the teaching building for Master degree, executive Master degree, and PhD degree students.

“Applied Economics Building I” hosts seven Faculty staff Offices, five classrooms (four with e-platforms), two Conference Rooms (one with e-platforms) and one Auditorium. In addition, there are two Offices for Student Association and one Employment counseling room that provide our bachelor’s degree students a meeting and study cadre.

“IAC – 3F and 4F” hosts eight Faculty staff Offices, sixteen Graduate Students Research Rooms (Masters, Executive Masters, PhD) and five Classrooms. Additionally, there are one Computer Laboratory and one Library.
Since the return of relevant journals and books back to the school library in the period 2011-2013, the department library is currently equipped with relevant books, storage of Master degree students’ thesis, reviews from the Taiwan Journal of Applied Economics (TJAE), as well as Periodicals of domestic and international, etc.

In recent years, in order to enhance the efficiency of teaching and research, we emphasize on the enrichment of equipment. Hence, the research facilities of the dept. are separated in two areas, namely:

1.Common Use: Projection automatic curtains, Laptops, Projectors, E-platform, Slide Projector, Copy machine, Fax machines, DV & Camera and Teaching Acoustics,etc.
2.Facilities in computer laboratory and faculty staff offices: Multimedia Computers, Personal computers, Laser printers and Scanners,etc. In addition to providing library related services for research purpose, the Department also set up a computer laboratory equipped with 29 computers and a copy machine. Also, each graduate student is issued an access card to the computer laboratory at any time.

Furthermore, in order to offer a comfortable research and learning environment, the department exclusively provides research rooms for Masters, Executive Masters and PhD students. An average of six master students share one research room; three to four PhD students for one research room; and first and second year Executive Master Students altogether share one larger research room. Moreover, each student in a specific research room is provided his/her own desk and bookcase. Air-condition facility is available, and internet connection with a personal network IP address is issued to each graduate student.