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Charles H.C.Kao Institute
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Charles H.C.Kao Institute
To further educate motivated students who are interested in the field of Economics, professor 高希均 donated the Charles H. C. Kao Institute of Knowledge Economy, located on the third floor of the International Agricultural Research Center on campus. It was built and renovated in two months, with known architect Mr. 姚仁祿’s designs in mind, and was opened on December 26, 2014 . Professor Kao mentions that the goal all academics long for is to share intellect and promote social process by utilizing gained insights. Not only was this a crucial reason behind why the office of research and education was built on campus, but also that the space could provide students and fellow faculty a clean space to read, discuss, think and write. 


The research office has a grand collection of books. Boasting 1,500 books and around 380 volumes of magazines, it also has Professor Kao’s work as well. With over 2,000 books in total, the most special collection is the complete volumes of the Encyclopedia Britannica, which is out of print. 

Every year the research office organizes a series of activities and holds economic seminars, and welcomes people of all fields to participate.  

2.Management Key Points 
Please refer to“National Chung Hsing University, Department of Applied Economics -Office of Resarch and Eductation Management ”.