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Tzu-Lan Hung
  1. Undergraduate Program Curriculum, Examination, Recruitment, Transfer, Minor, Double Major
  2. Undergraduate Students (Including Foreign Students) Scholarship
  3. Teacher Contact Person
  4. Department of Affairs and Administrative Data Collection
  5. Department  Division for Evaluation Information Contact Collection
886-4-22840350 ext 215
Shiang-Yi Wang
  1. Department  Division of Finance and Accounting
  2. Department Building No.1 Property Management, Inventory.
  3. Department of Applied Economics Seminar (Practice and Academic Speeches) Contact Person
  4. Department of Alumni/Executive Master Degree Fellowship /Charles H.C.Kao Institute of Knowledge Economy
  5. Taiwan Journal of Applied Economics
886-4-22840350 ext 224
Shu-Li Lai
  1. Master and Ph.D. Program Curriculum, Examination, Recruitment and Scholarship
  2. Master Program of Agricultural Economics and Marketing Curriculum, Examination, Recruitment
  3. Library Management and Book Purchasing
  4. Department of Computer IP and Computer Classroom Management
  5. Department Building No.2 Property Management, Inventory
886-4-22840350 ext 218
Jai-Wei Chen
  1. Documents and Official Letters
  2. Department Division of Access Control and Access Card Management
  3. Department Division of Hardware Devices and Space Management
  4. Storage and Leasing of Classroom Equipment
  5. Department Division of Environment and Renovation
886-4-22840350 ext 216
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