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Time: 2018-02-07 08:14:15
PhD Admission
Applied Economics PhD Information

1. Admission:
(1)6 places for PhD. students. (including 2 places of Direct Admission to Doctoral Program and 4 places of PhD Admission via Entrance      Exam) (*If there are vacancies in Direct Admission, the places will be used in Entrance Exam.)
(2)Application duration: Every year in the end March ~the beginning of April.
(3)Exam Subjects:  Application Documents (50%) / Interview (50%)
2. Professors:
Our department has seven Full-time Professors, one Professor (joint appointment), three Adjunct Professors, four Associate Professors and three Assistant Professors.
More information:  Faculty

Faculty of 106 Academic Year
Full-time professors: 14
Associate Professors:4
Assistant Professors:3
Adjunct Professors:3
Professor (joint appointment):1

3. Courses:
Courses for first semester of 106 academic year:
Microeconomic Theory (II) / Industrial Development and Policy(II) / Agricultural Development and Policy / Economic Analysis of Non-Market Valuations / Management of Recreational Resources / Markets of Biotechnology

Courses for 2nd semester of 106 academic year:
Microeconomic Theory(III)Macroeconomics (II) / Agricultural Marketing and Trade / International Marketing(II) /
Policy of Rural Development / Econometrics Theory(III) / Economic Analysis for Agricultural Policy(II) / English Thesis Writing
More information:  PhD Courses Map

4. Degree awarded:
        Student who complete Dept. Compulsory Elective courses: 42 credits, pass the English Examination, be qualified with doctoral candidate ,and pass the oral test could be awarded a PhD in management.
More information:  Graduation Requirements
5. Employment Status of Graduate

PhD Graduate employment status in this past four years:

15.3% - Finance and Insurance
77%- Science and technology industry/ Manufacturing
0% -Civil servant / Public Sector
0% - Schools and Research Institutions
7.7% - Others
0% - Start own business