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Biing-Wen Huang ( 黃炳文 )
Academic Background
Ph.D., National Chung-Hsing University, Taiwan
Agricultural Economics, Industrial Economics, Rural and Agricultural Market Survey
886-4-22840349 ext 212、232
Journal Publications:
  1. Huang, Biing-Wen and Yu-Chen Yang, 2018, The Effects of Leisure Agricultural Experience Activities on Satisfaction: Empirical Evidence from Different Tourist Styles in Taiwan, Journal of Reviews on Global Economics, 7, 260-268.
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Conference Presentation:
  1. Huang, Biing-Wen, 2001, “Rural Non-Farm Employment Opportunities in Taiwan”, APO Project No.:ICD-SE2-01: Seminar on Non-Farm Employment Opportunities in Rural Areas, Philippines.
  2. Huang, Biing-Wen and Chi-Chung Chen, 2006.6.“The Potential Economic Impacts of H5N1 Avian Influenza and Liberalization on Livestock Sector in Taiwan,” 2006 KAEA-REST International Conference on Agricultural Economics and Resources, Korea:Namhae.
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