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Full Time
Part Time
Adjunct Prof.
Visiting Professor
Professional Field
Tzu-Lan Hung
George Jyh-Yih Hsu Professor
Energy and Environmental Policy,Industrial Development and Policy, Digital Convergence, Competition Law
Chia-Lin Chang Distinguished Professor and Chair
Industrial Organization, Empirical Finance, Energy Finance
A. W. Peterson Visiting Professor from U.S.A
1960 - 1961
Lynn Y.S Lin Chair Professor
Statistics, Marketing, Advertising Research, New Product Research
Shiang-Yi Wang
Tsorng-Chyi Hwang Professor
International Economics and Marketing, Agricultural Policy and Finance, Rural Development and Planning, Agribusiness Development
Jerome C.R. Li Visiting Professor from U.S.A
1962 - 1965
Tso-Kwei Peng Emeritus Professor
Agricultural Policy, Technology and Innovation Management, Household Economy, International Trade and Regional Economy
Shu-Li Lai
Jong-Wen Wann Professor
Agricultural and Food Economics, Agricultural Marketing, Innovation Management
A. B. Lewis Visiting Professor from U.S.A
1965 - 1967
Chien-Zer Liu Professor
Agricultural Policy and Regulation, Rural Planning and Regional Economy, Rural Development Policy, Rural Community Renewal
Jai-Wei Chen
Huei-Yann Joann Jeng Professor
Benefit Policy Cost Analysis, Non-market Valuation Methods, Ecological Economics Analysis, Rural Development Policy
Chia-Yi Cheng Assistant Professor
Wen S. Chern Visiting Professor
1978 . 9 . – 1979 . 1 .
Chi-Chung Chen Professor
Economic Analysis of Climate Change, Agricultural Policy, Resource and Environmental Economics, International Agricultural Trade, Energy Economics
Walter Butcher Visiting Professor from U.S.A
1979 . 2 . - 1979 . 6 .
Biing-Wen Huang Professor
Agricultural Economics, Industrial Economics, Rural and Agricultural Market Survey